• HUNTwallet is the first planning & organizing tool designed exclusively for hunters. From application season to hunting season, and everything in between, HUNTwallet puts

    Every Hunt In Your Hand.

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    - Track which States you're applying in.

    - Track which Species you're applying for.

    - Track which Seasons you're applying to.


    With HUNTwallet, You'll Never Miss a Deadline.

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    - Download State hunting brochures for all 50 states.

    - Manage all your Preference & Bonus Points in one place.

    - Receive Automated Notifications wherever you're At.


    With HUNTwallet, You’ll Never Miss a Detail.

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    - Plan Solo & Group hunts.

    - Build & save custom Gear Lists.

    - Create & assign Tasks with Automated Reminders.


    With HUNTwallet, You’ll Never Miss a Chance to Make memories.

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    Application, Tag & Point Tracking


    Keep track of all your applications, points and tags - past and present - in one always with you, easy to use tool. Track:


    + Applications, points & tags in all 50 states

    + Important dates & deadlines

    + Application & tag fees

    + Stored history of all your applications & tags

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    Whether hunting solo or planning a group hunt, easily coordinate everything needed to be successful in the field.


    + Hunt Countdowns

    + Shared Gear Lists

    + Shared Task Lists

    + Important Dates

    + Auto-Reminders

    + Archived Hunts

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    Your complete gear management solution.


    GEAR LOCKER keeps all your gear organized for easy access - anywhere.


    WISHLIST tracks all your wants, your needs & what it's all going to cost you.


    CUSTOM GEAR LISTS make sure you never forget gear when it's go time.

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    Quickly create, assign, and schedule Tasks for you or your hunting buddies to complete.


    Then track the progress of Tasks so nothing slips through the cracks.


    HUNTwallet makes sure everyone knows what's been assigned, who's responsible and when it's due.

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    As hunters, we know what it's like to juggle family, friends, work and everything else that life throws at us - so we included simple automated notifications to deliver you that quick reminder you may not know you need.


    - Payment due dates

    - Important deadlines

    - Task, Gear & Hunt reminders

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  • HUNTwallet in the WILD

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    Podcast: GU Unfiltered #150 HUNTwallet

    We get the guys from HUNTwallet in the studio for this podcast man I had no idea about their product/app it is really cool stuff and I must say I'm going to use the app myself! This podcast was great time with these guys had tons of fun with them! Always fun when we kill a bottle of Buffalo Trace! Cheers

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    Podcast: Elkshape

    Today we're sitting down with one of the co-founders of HUNT WALLET, ... Mr. DeAngelo Wilkinson. I met him a couple of years ago at an ElkShape Camp in Colorado. This guy is a family man, a businessman, and a total mountain athlete. Today we're going to get to know him better, learn about his side hustle and cover his elk hunting journey.

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    Podcast: Episode 305 DeAngelo Wilkinson: On The Mountain, As In Life.

    I sat down for a great conversation with DeAngelo Wilkinson—Father, hunter, athlete, and entrepreneur. We discuss and share our views on a couple of "tough" topics, what matters on the mountain and in life, just doing, cigarettes archery and Ozonics, elk season 2022, private jets, and Hunt Wallet.

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    Podcast: Retired 2 Hunt

    On this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with the HUNTwallet boys. We talk last year's hunting season and obviously we talk about the app. Find out the story of HUNTwallet and what the motivation to create the app was, as well as where it’s going. This app has something for everybody

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    Podcast: H3O: What's in Your Wallet?

    What's in your wallet? Have you seen the Hunt Wallet App? Hunt Wallet is a truly unique platform that puts your hunt planning, cataloging, and tracking at your fingertips.

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    Podcast: Athlete On Fire.

    In this episode, two childhood friends and two college buddies who played football at Colorado State University share their story and how their new hunting app, HUNTwallet, was created.

  • Our Story

    Inspired after watching a Randy Newberg AZ Elk Hunting Video, DeAngelo applied for a preference point in Arizona. However, he soon realized he had no way to keep track of his hunting information for another state. After searching for and not finding a hunting-specific solution, he decided to create one with the help of his friends Steve and Matt.
    Thus, HUNTwallet was born. What started as just an idea for a solution, to organize applications and preference points has now become a one-of-a-kind tool dedicated to removing the barriers to your hunting success. No more missed application deadlines or showing up to hunt camp with too many items. HUNTwallet provides an added sense of order to a sometimes complicated process. It has enriched the relationships and memories of those in our lives. Now it helps us plan for application season and hunts and most importantly, Plan to Make Memories.

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  • About Us

    HUNTwallet Founders

    DeAngelo Wilkinson

    DeAngelo grew up in Las Vegas, moving to Colorado to play football at Colorado State University where he and Steve would become teammates, roommates, and close friends. After graduation, DeAngelo's love for the mountains made the decision to stick around an easy one. Shortly thereafter, Steve was finally able to convince DeAngelo to give hunting a try and it's become his passion ever since.


    DeAngelo began hunting in his mid-20s having so far pursued Turkey, Elk, Whitetail, Mulies, Antelope, Small Game, and Upland Birds.

    Steve Juedes

    Steve grew up in a hunting family, first living in Kansas and then moving to Colorado during grade school. Steve's love for the mountains and hunting kept him nearby when he went up the road to play football at Colorado State University. Upon graduation, Steve returned to Boulder to start a family with his high school sweetheart.


    Steve began hunting as a young kid and has pursued Turkey, Elk, Whitetail, Mulies, Antelope, Bear, Moutain Lion, Small Game, upland birds, and waterfowl.

    Matt Beelner

    Matt and Steve grew up as friends, going to school and playing sports together in Boulder, CO. Matt would go on to the University of Colorado before moving to Australia, then San Diego, then Las Vegas, and then back home to Colorado. It was upon his return home that Steve and DeAngelo introduced Matt to hunting.


    Matt began hunting in his mid-30s and so far has pursued Elk, Antelope, Small Game, and Turkey.

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